Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal online

Rupert Murdoch - that great capitalist but hardly a mystical type - has been talking about how the Wall Street Journal will continue to charge its readers for the bulk of its online content. He reckons the financial information it offers is unique, and so worth paying for.

Well, it's a point of view. But has Mr Murdoch looked at my blog recently? Unique ain't the word. And yet I don't charge a penny. No one is writing shit like this. Where else would you be able to read about shamans and mystics taking over the world's banks? Or money ghosts terrorizing the City of London? Or Canary Wharf becoming a living thing? Nowhere, that's where.

If I were Rupert, I would be worried about Money is the Way blowing the Wall Street Journal out of the water. He could lose hundreds of millions of dollars if he doesn't watch out. And the same goes for Reuters and Bloomberg and all the others (whether they charge or not). I've seen the future. The future is the way of the shaman, it's the ghost tapping on your office window while you're trying to concentrate on eating a cheese sandwich at your desk, it's the zombie in the clearing house wanting to be your new best friend, it's the old man hanging around Threadneedle Street with his bottle of Holy Marvin's whisky and generally making a nuisance of himself. This is the future. I've seen it, and it's already here. We're living in the future.