Friday, 30 May 2008

Bradley Birkenfeld: stool pigeon

Forget about Kid Creole and the Coconuts, this is freakin' serious! The ex-UBS banker Bradley Birkenfeld - the man charged with helping a US billionaire evade income taxes - is expected to plead guilty in an American court. And the judge wants a full confession! Bradley will have to name names. All his confederates will get their collars felt as well!

And this is bad news for Jack Pickles. I know he's involved. I have been speaking to his brother Nicky Pickles, and he told me, 'For the sake of the family I have made contact with Jack again, but I can't see him changing his ways. He's rotten to the core. It's a sad thing having to say that about your older brother. I always looked up to him when we were kids. Anyway, he reckons he "ain't going back in no fucking cage". That's what he told me. My mother is in tears, constantly. She shouldn't have to go through all this at her age.'

As much as I would love it, I can't see the US authorities taking Jack down. He's too smart, and he's got the devil on his side. The devil has all the best financiers.