Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Jonathan Asquith is leaving Schroders

The vice-chairman of Schroders, Jonathan Asquith, has stepped down from the fund management group's board and will leave within the next few weeks. Is this as a result of recent writedowns? The company claims Mr Asquith is leaving to pursue other interests. Isn't that just something people say when someone has been given the boot?

Maybe. But I know Jonathan quite well, and I can reveal he is now going into the desert to retrain as a financial shaman. And I really take my hat off to him because he is going to do it by himself. He told me, 'I want to become a shaman the old way. You won't catch me on one of Arthur Simmons's training courses. I'm going into the desert on my own, and I am prepared to stay there for years. I'll be taking a couple of books, a blanket, and a few bits and bobs; but basically I will be cut off from civilization. No TV, no radio, no internet. I will discover the real me, and I will discover my destiny. I will look into my soul, I will look into the cosmos, and I will get answers. Eventually, I'll be a financial shaman - a very powerful one, I should imagine. And then I will return to the City and get revenge on all the nonentities who fucked me over.'