Friday, 11 July 2008

Jon Aisbitt: the power of prayer

Man Group revealed yesterday that it had set a record for sales of its hedge funds in the past three months - $5 billion! A lot of other hedge funds are suffering heavy withdrawals from investors at the moment. So, what is Man's secret?

I have been speaking to the chairman of Man Group, Jon Aisbitt, and he told me, 'A lot of people in the industry think I'm off my fucking rocker. They ask me - Jon, why don't you pray to Big Herb? Now, I ain't got nothing against Big Herb. I like the guy. But I actually prefer dealing with Ganesh. Yeah, he's a big elephant motherfucker, but so what? Ganesh gets results. Friends ask me - Jon, how can you pray to a god that looks like an elephant? And I'm like - get off my dick! Do you know what I mean? If I want to pray to a god that looks like an elephant, I'll do it, and no one will stop me. I'm adamant on this. Besides, millions of Indians pray to Ganesh every day. It ain't done them no harm. So I say to hedge fund managers everywhere - Big Herb is great, but he's not the only money god around. You've got to have an open mind. Money is at stake, for Christ's sake!'

Wow! What a refreshing attitude.