Monday, 21 July 2008

Work for dole!

Are British politicians the biggest bunch of wankers in the world? Are they the most disgusting scum-sucking cretins alive? Er, yes. Sure, it's okay for them to live off the taxpayer. It's okay for them to claim outrageous expenses. But now they want unemployed people to work for a fraction of the minimum wage. Doing what? Sweeping the streets in fucking chain gangs! I thought this was a socialist government.

As you know, dear reader, I am not a socialist. I despise socialism. But this work for dole nonsense that James Purnell is going on about will be a disaster. Who wants to be a slave? It's like the Gulag fucking archipelago this shit is! Unemployed people will just turn to crime - certainly, the ones with any self-respect will. My concern is: it will give capitalism an even worse reputation. Britain ain't a Third World country, not yet anyway. I want to see respectable capitalism, not slavery.

I am feeling so fucking satanic tonight. Jack Pickles ain't got nothing on me tonight. Who is this James Purnell goofball? Who the fuck is he?