Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Tim Wheeler calls up the horsemen

Fuck me. This is from a newspaper this morning: 'The head of a property company invoked the four horsemen of the apocalypse yesterday'. The man in question is Tim Wheeler. He is the chief executive of Brixton.

I have been speaking to Arthur Simmons about this, and he told me, 'Is this fucking arsehole smoking crack or something? Please tell me. Is this mutha smoking crack? YOU DO NOT CALL UP THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE! I do not care who you are or what the situation is. This is unbelievable! Does he know the trouble he has caused? I'm spitting blood over this. I was due to go on holiday, but I can't go now, can I?'

Well, I am just as angry as Arthur. Tim, mate, I hope you're reading this. Arthur and I have got to clean up after you now. Yes, Arthur has to cancel his holiday, and I have to drop everything and go chasing after these fucking horsemen! All because of you! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING OF?