Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Shine on you crazy diamond!

So, Lautreamont appeared before me, spake unto me:

O Michael, you must take Bobby Diamond into the desert, and smash his consciousness, and burn him with money, and then bury him in the sand of your dreams, and then dig him up and let him shine in the desert sky like a crazy one!

But he's not ready!

O Michael, he is ready. Make him become a desert man. A holy crazy shining banking mutha!

And then what?

We will send him back to Barclays. He will burn them all! John Varley and Marcus Agius in flames!

But what does Big Herb say?

Big Herb has given his blessing. So has Ganesh. This is the way to beat the credit crunch. And there will be others. We will smash their minds and rebuild them. Holy cash will burn within them. It is the only way.

O Lautreamont, if you say so. So mote it be.