Friday, 22 May 2009

Gillian Tett: insight is only the half of it

Today, Gillian Tett Oh you beautiful, golden-haired angel you is talking about I can hear your voice in my dreams some public-private investment plan, you know, toxic assets and all that I cannot concentrate, and I am sure it is all very interesting and all that but O Gillian, I think I love you. Come to me, burn with me in the desert. I will even wear my sheet again if you want me to. I know it turns you on. O Gillian part of the programme will cover loan sales and be run by no, Gillian, no, I just want to look into your eyes, asset managers will be given state finance to encourage bids fuck the asset managers, Gillian. Can't we talk about something else? Our future? The government wants to set a minimum lot size of $1 billion O Gillian, what do we care? If the Americans want to do it, let them. We have more important things on our minds, don't we? The PPIP has already served O Gillian, you are so cruel!

I feel so sad.