Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Jon-Paul Rorech to Renato Negrin: 'You're listening to my silence, right?'

You're listening to my silence, right? You can feel the blood in my veins, right? Swishing around in the light from money-angel eyes, we are together, brothers, Deutsche Bank to Millennium Partners, from the sun to the moon. Yes, it's like a great burning in our hearts and the wires of our brains. The SEC cannot swim in our love.

O Jon-Paul, did I ever call you back, or did I only dream it? Maybe a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping - is that possible?

O Renato, anything is possible in the darkness of our endless night. Listen to my silence. And feel the misery, but also feel the joy. This is my destiny, yours as well. What is that sound? Oh, it is nothing. And nothing sounds good to me. It sounds real good.

I remember a time, long ago, when I heard the voices of the ghosts of the dead financiers. They whispered in my ear: burn, baby, burn.

And did you burn?

What do you think? Those voices led me into the desert. That is where the great burning comes from. And that is where we will go to. We will not be defeated. We are going back.

But I have never been.

Yes you have. O Jon-Paul, remember, long ago, you were but a child, perhaps even less than a child, an unborn soul. You were burning in the desert. I saw you. I knew then that we had a connection. And I knew that money loved us. I knew money would come to us. Destiny!

O Renato, yes, destiny! But how many times have you been to the desert?

I go and I come back. I go and I come back. Forever and ever and ever. Eternal recurrence! I am an aeronaut of the spirit! And so are you. Wake up!

Are you awake?

I am now. I will never sleep again. I've been touched by money, the fire of money, and I have no desire to sleep again. High-yield debt offering from VNU? Credit default swaps? I am beyond that. Beyond!

O Renato, I shall wake. I shall live a life, fully aware, making the most of money. Money is a spiritual thing for us, isn't it? It burns us, and we love the burning.

O Jon-Paul, we love the burning!

Everything is beautiful! For us, everything shines. This is the beginning of our new lives.