Monday, 6 July 2009

Sergey Aleynikov: the Jack Pickles connection

So I get another phone call from that goombah Lloyd Blankfein: 'Mikey, we need you, we need you now. Get on the first fucking plane to New York. Now! (Jesus, Lloyd, my chakras ain't in no condition for nothing like that. I'm still recovering from the ceremony. What's the fucking problem?) You don't know what the fucking problem is? Some cocksucker has stolen our trading code. The Feds have got him, probably sweating him down. But I want to know who he's working for. (What's the punk's name?) Sergey Aleynikov. (Lloyd, I know this guy.) Yeah, we know him too. He used to be one of ours. A friend of ours, you understand? Now we don't know what he's up to. (But he's connected, Lloyd.) Connected? Connected to what? (Jack Pickles.) You're telling me this cocksucker is working for that satanic cocksucker? Is that what you're telling me, Mike? (That's what I’m telling you, Lloyd.) Well, we'll just have to whack both of them. Let's get it done. Today. Let's get it done. You put a curse on these guys - today! And it's done. Capiche? (It ain't gonna be that easy, Lloyd.) A million dollars is on the table for you - you don't like that? (It's not that I don't like the money, Lloyd, but with Jack it's difficult.) What, because he's an old friend? Because he was like a brother to you? Well, Mikey, fuck old friends! Fuck your brother! How you like that? Business is business, Mikey. You gotta get your fucking priorities in order, pal. You gotta decide whose side you're on. Am I right, or am I right? (You're not wrong, Lloyd. But it ain't a simple matter taking Jack down. And we can't really touch Aleynikov - not while he's got this sort of muscle behind him. Let the Feds deal with him. And nothing's been proved yet.) I'm disappointed, Mike. (We'll get them, Lloyd. One day. You gotta have faith. You trust me, don't you, Lloyd?) Yeah, I trust you, Mike. Give my love to the ghosts.'

Well, I gave his love to the ghosts. But what a hothead he is, eh?

Update: Here's a video of Sergey dancing. Maybe he's innocent, after all. Anyone who can dance like that can't be all bad.