Monday, 7 December 2009

Tim Armour: ain't no such things as halfway crooks

They have 'really super people' at Janus Capital Group. Tim Armour says so. But what makes them so super?

They are visionary mystics and shamans like myself. Tim doesn't want to admit that. He doesn't want to tell the world the truth. So they are 'super'. They are 'very talented'. And that's fine. That's great. But we know they are covered in the ectoplasm of desert ghosts. We know of the burning that takes them so high in the astral sky. To us, this is natural. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

O Master, what can we do with Tim, to give him more confidence?

O my child, we can burn him with our love. So far, he has only been slightly warmed. Maybe he thinks that's enough.

But there ain't no such things as halfway crooks!

That's true. We will make him a gangsta of our love. We will take him all the way. He'll be one of our lil' homies.