Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hector Sants resigns

Yes, he has resigned to live forever in eternity! Oh, he is no longer the chief executive of the dreaded FSA, and he says he has no particular plans, but oh, I have particular plans for him.

O Master, are you going to drag him to eternity?

Yes, my child, I will take him beyond this world. I will drown him in the sands of our mystic desert. There he will learn new ways. WE WILL TEACH HIM.

O Master, what will we teach him?

We will teach him corruption and death and evil!


Listen, my child, the time for silly games is over. The honest, the sane, the safe, the petty, the right-on, the politically correct, the obedient, the bland, the unimaginative, the conventional, the grey, the totally fucking annoying scum - they have all had their time in the sun, and what have they achieved? Nothing! Well, they have made life unbearable for anyone with a bit of spirit. Yes, they have achieved that. But the times they are a-changin'. WE WILL SHOW THEM THE TERROR! And we will start with Hector!

O Master, about fucking time! This is what I have been waiting for. All my whisperings in your head while you slept had some effect after all. WE WILL BURN THEM! NO PRISONERS!

No prisoners! Come with me, Hector. Be the first. Come and see how the other half live.

: Big Herb has contacted me. Someone complained, apparently. Anyway, he is not at all pleased about this move towards corruption and evil. Oh, dear reader, I was only joking. You know that, don't you?