Monday, 8 February 2010

Lautreamont said (I'm in heaven when you bleed)

Far more demonic than Rimbaud, two or three years in front, and thirty or forty years behind. He really is in heaven when I bleed all over you, dear reader. Emotional bleeding. Intellectual bleeding. Physical bleeding? Yes! Blood on the screen! Your screen! We can only hope. Surely, it is only a matter of time. And a matter of taking it further.

'Here is something that excites me to the point of delirium.' We have not reached that point yet, but we will. This is my heart of darkness. He can't envy me. Avant-garde literature before a mass audience, courtesy of Google. Derangements given to grey souls. Bewildering words, sick visions, emotions beyond reason. I'm sure he would prefer a limited edition for the discerning reader. Or maybe not. I'll ask him next time.

'One must be absolutely modern.' That is so true. But it can be painful. How do you cut yourself off from the old forms, the literatures that people understand and appreciate? How do you cut yourself off from barbaric society and create your own sophisticated, civilized society? Oh, you must be strong. That goes without saying. But you need more than strength. You need to have faith in the future. You must accept that everyone around you is a ghost in the time that you will be understood.

I have faith in the future.