Monday, 8 February 2010

Peter Hancock: a new powerful man, almost a f***ing god!

This is how it goes. One minute you are inventing credit derivatives. The next minute, which could be years away, you are working for AIG, as a new powerful man, in a new powerful role, almost a fucking god - as they say.

O Master, as who say?

You know who. And you know why. WE ARE COVERED IN BLOOD. Sand sticking to our bloody faces. Pete is joining us. He knows it is for the best.

Almost a god! At this rate, the astral plane will be stuffed with gods and mystic men who are almost gods. But where are all the goddesses?

O my child, Gillian's time will come. She will join us. Big Herb is watching her.

O Master, what about the priestess of the holy cash? Will she -

Become a goddess? It is not impossible.

Anything is possible.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Anything is possible.