Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ali Mustafa

Oh, he has been charged! Ali Mustafa has been charged by the FSA with insider trading. Will this be the end of his adventures on the astral plane? He speaks -

Ali Mustafa is here, bold as brass! Nothing can stop him! Do you know me? Do you know Ali Mustafa? I am sure you have heard his voice at one time or another. Maybe you were standing on the castle walls, contemplating suicide, when someone invisible whispered in your ear: 'Look at the sunset! Blood red, it covers you. That is all you want. Forget your suffering. Dry your eyes. You have so much to live for.' And you stepped back. Well, that could have been Ali Mustafa, that invisible whispering soul. I am not saying it was. Or maybe it was the sky. Maybe the sky spoke to you. A sky god? Who can say? I am not so arrogant that I will claim it was me. But it could have been me. It could have been Ali Mustafa. I may have saved your life.

Thank you, Ali Mustafa. I'll see you beyond the horizon.

And in this Operation Saturn, there is also Bijal Shah. There is also Neten Shah. But they refuse to speak. Shame.