Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mitesh Shah

Mitesh Shah has been charged by the FSA with insider trading. He wishes to explain himself -

Mitesh Shah is the owl that watches you. Have you seen him? Have you seen Mitesh Shah? He watches you. At night, you could be walking through a field, and he would be above you. Mitesh Shah is the mouse in the skirting board. Owl or mouse? I am both. Have you seen Mitesh the mouse? He watches you while you sleep. Oh, at night, you could be dreaming away, and he could be writhing beside you - in your bed! Or he could be crawling over your face. Would you even know it? Maybe Mitesh would enter your subconscious. Maybe he would steal your inner world. It's something worth thinking about. So be vigilant!

Well, if that's his game, we should all be vigilant from now on. At least he has warned us. A lot of them don't, you know.