Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Pardip Saini

Pardip Saini has been charged by the FSA with insider trading. He speaks to us, almost as if he were present. Those who have astral ears will hear. Or maybe they will just read this -

Pardip will not hide. Let them read these words, the demonic 'they', the killers of my heart. Oh, but it is not dead! They would like to be the killers of my heart. They would love that. Unfortunately, for them, Pardip is protecting his heart. He is sure everything will be okay. Pardip Saini has the warmth of a million suns in him. Not like Truptesh. Nothing like Truptesh. And not like Paresh Shah. Pardip Saini is a rare individual. You could not stare at Pardip, as he stalked you in your endless night, and say: 'Pardip is a man like so many men I have known.' That would be absurd! It wouldn't happen. But you could say: 'This is someone I know.' You could say that. A lot of people know me. But they know I am different. The envious 'they'. The cruel 'they'. The 'they' who will never be satisfied with their lives. So they come after me. I don't mind. Pardip considers it a compliment, in a funny sort of way.

All right, Pardip.