Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Truptesh Patel

And Mr Patel has been charged by the FSA with insider trading (Operation Saturn!)! And he has something to say -

Truptesh Patel is not a stranger man like Paresh Shah is. Truptesh is not a ghost of a man, torn between this world and the next. I am here, in the flesh. This is not an astral body. It is a body of flesh, and bone! Don't forget the bone! It is owned by Truptesh Patel. He lives in this body, and he is not ashamed. There is no shame in admitting you are of the cold earth. I am proud to wander without flames, without a burning in my head. It makes for a quieter life. I am not looking for trouble. Truptesh is not the sort of man who would cause a scene. There is no confusion here. Look! Look at Truptesh! That man is as large as life. Soulless, but alive! Could any more be asked of him? What do you people want?

That's fine, Truptesh. Thank you for your time.