Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thierry Serero has joined Octopus!

O Master, has Thierry joined the octopus? How exciting!

No, my child, he has joined Octopus Investments. Something to do with the launch of a European absolute return fund. But it is exciting. And Mr Serero is very pleased.

O octopus, with your silken look! whose soul is inseparable from mine; you most beautiful inhabitant of the terrestrial globe, who have at your disposal a seraglio of four hundred suckers, you -

What's that shit?!

O Master, that is Lautreamont!

Well, of course. But it's hardly relevant.

Flailed like an octopus, roaring, crawling, quarrel with the outside weathers, the natural cycle of the -

What's that shit?

Dylan Thomas.

O my child, it's hardly relevant.

Well, tell us about Lothar Mentel then!

I'd rather not, if you don't mind.