Wednesday, 26 May 2010

SEC charges Mickey Mouse lovers Bonnie Jean Hoxie and Yonni Sebbag

More alleged insider trading shenanigans! And this scheme was brazen, according to the SEC - here.

Bonnie and her boyfriend sent letters to hedge funds everywhere 'offering to provide pre-release results of Disney's second quarter 2010 earnings in exchange for a fee.' But here's the bit I like: 'Some hedge funds alerted the SEC.' Some. Ha!

More and more hedge fund managers are reading this blog. They know that insider trading ain't a real crime. They know the astral plane is unregulated. Obviously, quite a few of the hedge funds were preparing to go on to the plane with the intention of doing business with Bonnie and her Yonni. You see, I've met Bonnie and Yonni on the plane. They're veterans. And they introduced me to a thought-form of Donald Duck! What do you make of that?