Thursday, 3 June 2010

Jim Lawrence: chief executive of Rothschild North America!

I feel disturbed now. This won't be good. In theory, I'll be writing about Jim Lawrence who will soon become the chief executive of Rothschild North America. He will also become co-head of global investment banking, the first time that role has been based in the US, alongside Nigel Higgins in London and Olivier Pecoux in Paris. Do not stay here! A storm of blood and fire is raging here!

Fuck this shit, this evil shit. This is a tangent like there has never been. This is an absolute disgrace waiting to happen. I feel the words, like knives. If only I could concentrate on Mr Lawrence without slipping off reality. If only I could take a genuine interest in Rothschild without looking for the exit. Hell exists. Hell is bankers. That can't be right. I need someone to reason with me.

O Master, I'll go and find Gillian Tett.

Bring her to me before my consciousness explodes! It's at times like this that I should be bound upon a wheel of fire, for eternity, with Gillian on another wheel, both of us rolling though the desert. There'll be the stink of burnt sand in our noses, if you can burn it, if it's hot enough, with my angel it will be hot, as we roll away never to be seen again.

O Master, I can't find her! I can't make the connection.

Find her, and drag her! Drag the angel here, wherever 'here' is. This is nowhere. It feels like nowhere. Home sweet home? It ain't sweet! This is worse than the Shadowlands, this is. This emptiness. This nothing. Not even shadows. I am a storm of blood and fire in a world of nothing!

O Master, even if we could find the lovely Gillian, she would not want to live with you in a world of nothing. She could not comfort you, as lost as you are.

O my child, this is temporary! It is not permanent. My angel would take me back to the desert. The wheels of fire are waiting for us. That's why you must find her. I need Gillian to save me.

O Master, here she is, looking just like a desert queen! Gorgeous!

Oh, I see her. O beautiful angel, kiss me!