Monday, 7 March 2011

A bitter note to the haters, with a few words of love for the lovers

I'm supposed to be making a fresh start today, where I cut out (or tone down) the references to popular culture, the literary quotes (I don't need to quote, do I?), the satire, and the feuds with all the haters.

Haters. I can't help you understand or appreciate. And it's not my problem. It's your problem. You're the philistines, the uneducated ones. And even if you went to Oxford or Cambridge, so what? It got you a good job. Big deal! But that's all. You're still uneducated by my standards. Your websites may not link to me. I'm sure I'll survive. The people you support are morons. You are on the wrong side of history. I don't want you visiting this blog any more, all right?

As for the lovers, the people who send me emails full of love (or even just thoughts of love on astral waves), thank you. You get me through the hard times. This is a lonely business. I'm not as strong as I make out. But your love makes me stronger.

I know I've matched the achievements of Rimbaud and Lautreamont - as far as content goes. In form, I have moved beyond them. I need to raise my game to the Kafka/Beckett level. I have touched those heights on occasion, but I have to be consistent now. It's not a matter of form. I have created a new form. It's a matter of content. There will still be a place for humour. However, it will have to be controlled. Everything will have to be controlled. Regular readers will know how I have struggled with my material. Until now anything that has flowed through my consciousness has been up for inclusion in the work. I can't continue like that. Not if I want to raise my game and achieve greater things.

Of course, this post will be deleted at some stage if I find it impossible to stick to the plan. Let's see how it goes. At least I'm trying to change. This is a real struggle.