Friday, 12 August 2011

Everyone and everything is sick ... except David Cameron

The poor are sick for wanting the lifestyles of the rich and corrupt, the politicians, that is. I mean, they want to steal stuff. The police are sick for allowing the poor to follow the politicians into a life of crime. I am sick, no doubt, for just writing this post and having the audacity to breathe without Cameron's permission. Oh, and social media is sick. Facebook is sick. Twitter is sick. BlackBerries are sick. What else? Telephones are sick. The post office is sick. The whole of reality is sick in this man's opinion.

It's projection, that's all.

This is what goes on, inside:

Monkey grinning faces [it's genuine sickness] howlings dirty insects things with hairs crawling around and those teeth scratches on skin blood fucks loose eyeballs warts night dark shakings such loneliness rivers of semen and shit it has got to stop it cannot stop and a mouth coming eating please go away the wounds the infestations sicker and deeper please help understand and save me I should have stayed at Carlton so out of my depth thumping pains banging beasts fucker fuckers goat's head horns fires ...

Of course, he's not the only one. From time to time, most of us suffer like this. But the trick is to not let it affect your dealings with the outside world. It takes honesty - with yourself. And I'm afraid that Cameron just doesn't have that honesty.