Thursday, 11 August 2011

We live in the Sick Society

There is no need for visions or rhetoric of future times. We are already living the nightmare. There is nothing BIG or clever about it. We live in the Sick Society. Why smash a shop window to get your hands on a mobile phone or pair of trainers, when all you have to do is claim them on expenses?

A duck island for £1,645. Pure greed. It is sick. £4,000 for renovations to a chimney. So sick. We need to bring out the water cannons. £33 for poppy wreaths? Oh, almost. He was caught in the act. A dark brown sofa for £499. Hanging baskets and pot plants for £600. Repairs to a millionaire's home, £680. Do I need to go on?

All stolen from the taxpayer. We should load up with rubber bullets.