Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Freedom is more important than money and influence [or: notes for the weak and gullible]

Would you sell your soul to the devil if he paid enough? No? What if he offered you influence and the chance to make decisions in hell? Would that entice you?

If you were at the centre of hell, driving debate forward, would that ease the pain of an empty head? We can't all be intelligent. Fools are needed too.

Are you strong enough to be isolated? It's true that things would be so much easier if you were in the company of demons. They would take responsibility for your life - such as it is.

Does comfortable slavery seem more appealing than tough and challenging freedom? If so, self-respect must be pretty low down on your list of priorities.

Do you need to be supported, or can you stand alone? Why not choose independence? Yes, it's a simple choice, and that is all. No one's asking you to fight.

Notes for the weak and gullible. / Did I mention treacherous? There are people who paid a heavy price for your freedom. It cost them everything, their flesh and bones. (Oh, they had to fight.) Will you sell it for a mess of pottage?

Or even give it away?