Sunday, 29 January 2012

David Bailey: We'll Take Manhattan

There was a great drama on BBC Four last week about David Bailey, We'll Take Manhattan. Hopefully, the BBC will show it again so I can record it.

It cheered me up and depressed me. Bailey is someone I can relate to. We have the same hero, Picasso.

I don't want to say any more than that.

Except this: I know I've got to sort myself out. Depression is a waste of life. If I could overcome my sense of futility, I'd work all the time. And I'm sick of being fucked around (and over). I've got to be tougher with others, so that nothing matters but the work I'm doing.

I say nothing matters. Death doesn't matter. My angel doesn't matter - unless she changes her attitude.

I'm pissed off with everything. If it's not work, it's got to be suicide. But I don't want it to be suicide, so it's got to be work.

And no fucking prisoners. I mean it.

Update: We'll Take Manhattan is being shown again on BBC Four. Sunday 12th February, 9.00pm. Don't miss it!