Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sometimes I despair ...

When I look at the country and see corrupt politicians ripping off small fortunes in expenses while condemning the poor to the misery of unpaid work in supermarkets and other businesses that are worth billions. / Even the dying have to be slaves. It's no fun being ill.

When I read the papers and see journalists either taking the side of the corrupt politicians or not even reporting the story - so I see nothing but stories about the ECB and other "important" stuff. / The poor don't matter. They never did.

When, as a capitalist sympathizer, I struggle to defend the bankers from the socialists, but somehow end up talking/writing like a socialist myself defending the poor from the corrupt politicians. / It's nonsense and lies I'm fighting. All I have is a laptop and the truth.

When I think of the unemployed, yes, the poor, and remember I've been there, and am still terribly poor, and could easily be there again, and wonder why I haven't committed suicide yet because sometimes life really isn't worth living. / I stick with it for kicks. Oh, I'm a masochist.

When I wake up in the morning, and when I go to sleep at night.