Sunday, 24 June 2012

For someone who studied at Oxford ...

David Cameron really is as thick as shit.

Imagine you're a twenty-three-year-old guy. You're married with two children. Your parents live in Spain, and your wife's parents are dead. You left school at eighteen. You've always worked and paid tax. You were even stupid enough to vote Tory. NOW, you're made redundant. Because of the terrible economic situation you can't find another job. Well, you're fucked then. Because Cameron wants to stop you claiming housing benefit. You're going to have to live on the streets with your children. You'll probably have to turn to crime. I mean, it's either that or watch your children starve to death.

Please remember: Cameron used to be in the Bullingdon Club. He smashed up restaurants. I know it's hard to believe, but he is the prime minister of our country. Cameron and other politicians were ripping off fortunes in EXPENSES. Duck houses? Don't forget the duck houses! And remember the Big Society.

I'm no socialist, but I know that the rich have to be a part of society, a fair society, because if society collapses, your money and your mansions will not save you* from the mob outside.

*If you're rich, of course. Most of my readers are.