Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Looks like HMV is going out of business

A sad time. / Four thousand staff may lose their jobs. I wonder if Iain Duncan Smith will demonize them as benefit scroungers. Probably. I mean, he's a classy guy, ain't he? / This whole country is going down the fucking toilet. What Labour started, the Conservatives are finishing. And none of them care, as long as they can rip off their expenses.

A bad time. / There'll be homelessness, starvation, riots. None of it will affect Eton Boy and Gideon. They live in a different reality. / Only last week our wonderful politicians were calling for a 30 per cent pay rise. Christ. Are they stupid, or are they evil?

I know what will happen. A lowlife entrepreneur will buy HMV and then ask the government to supply four thousand slaves on work placements. Yes, HMV's employees can sleep easy tonight because soon they'll be working for benefits, a fraction of the minimum wage. I suppose it's better than working for food.


It's a terrible world. / Politicians are ... well, human beings are really disgusting, even the nice ones. I'd ask God if I could come back as a dolphin if I didn't fear some c**t of a fisherman killing me - or selling me to an aquarium.