Monday, 4 March 2013

It was Carl Esprey

Carl Esprey. He was the one. The GLG guy who got arrested last week. Those FSA freaks are probing him as you read this (probably). Never mind. The good news is: I've never heard of him, which means he isn't one of my dear friends. I have a lot of dear friends at GLG, a lot of very close personal friends. I don't have any friends at Man Group because I can't stand those guys. 'That's a bit strong, ain't it, Mikey?' All right, Voice. I don't get on with them, then. We see things differently, that's all. 'Yeah, you believe in mystical capitalism, and they believe in the normal, square kind.' Exactly.

Anyway, Carl is a portfolio manager at GLG, but he's been accused of insider trading as a private individual. 'What does that mean, man?' It means, I suppose, that it was a private affair and no one's goddamn business. I'll be honest with you, Voice, I feel bad writing about Carl. 'It's none of your business, Mikey.' I know. 'But you've got to report the news.' No! I don't have to report the news! I'm not one of these lame-o journalists who have to do what they're told by some absurd editor. I'm a free man! 'Yes!' I don't have to write about this at all. 'You can write about your music!' Yeah, if I want to. Of course I can. 

Update (23/12/2013): Carl has been cleared now. All's well that ends well, eh?


I was playing My Heart on the guitar yesterday. I've worked out a way to make it sound pretty good now. I've just slowed it down a bit and made a small change to the rhythm. I'll try to record it again soon.

I might try to write another song. I don't actually need another one. Gilly Marie is good enough. I mean, good enough for third place on a demo. However, if I could make the third song a ... I don't know. Gilly Marie could be a classic. It's just very simple, you know? / I'd rather listen to Sugar, Sugar or Louie, Louie than Bohemian Rhapsody - do you know what I'm saying, dear reader(s)?

Well, it's lunchtime. Laters, blog fans.