Monday, 20 January 2014

The FCA is banning adviser/provider jollies

Which can only be a good thing. Too many people in finance have been having a good time at someone else's expense for too long. They've been going to football matches, and attending parties in hotels, and going on trips to Paris ... 'And the recent darts final at the Lakeside Country Club. A fish supper with Bobby George, for fuck's sake!' Yeah. Thank you, Voice. And God knows what else. It has got to stop! There is work to be done!

I just hope the FCA is going to take a look at journalists, too. We've all heard stories of bankers and hedgies taking journalists out to dinner in fancy Mayfair restaurants, and Christ knows what else. It's disgusting. They're not pure like me, these journalists. I don't go to dinner with no one. I consider myself lucky if I've got enough money in my pocket for a bag of chips at the end of a hard day's work. Do you know what I mean, dear reader(s)? Do you see where I'm coming from? There's corruption everywhere! And people are enjoying themselves! Evil people with no morals.

It's just the way the world is, I suppose. / Don't let anyone pay for anything! And when someone tells you something, ask yourself: Why are they telling me this? And then ask yourself: What do these fucking creeps want from me? / You're like a fly in their web, dear reader(s). And they're like these really big hairy spiders. It's sick. / Well, you've got to take your hat off to the FCA, but I don't know if things will ever change.

Just make your own mind up, man. Go and live in a cave. No, a hut in a forest. / Why do we hear so much about people on benefits, but hardly hear anything about the demons avoiding billions in tax? USE YOUR FUCKING HEAD! It's the same problem. You are being lied to. / Do you like being lied to? Doesn't it make you feel pretty small, and worthless inside? What are you going to do about it? / These animals think you're NOTHING.

However, I don't think that. I think you're SOMETHING, a human being. It's not your fault God put you in a bad world. Maybe He wants you to learn a lesson. I don't know. And not from no fucking scripture or holy man. That stuff is for the slaves. / God is out there in the cosmos, and He is in you. Forget everything else you've been told because guess what ... lies. Yeah. It's all lies.

Never mind. / God will make the sinners pay. So prepare yourself. And remember: Corruption takes many forms. You can be a phoney friend to someone. Or you can believe something purely for the reason that it helps you. But it might harm someone else. Very subtle and minor corruption is still corruption, and God sees and knows EVEYTHING. You have been warned. / The purer you are, the higher you will get. And watch out for the signs. God is a fire in your head.