Wednesday, 19 February 2014

David Cameron says the archbishop of Westminster is a liar

Er ... 'Does he?!' Well, he seems to be saying that, son. Look at this! Interesting, eh? 'Yeah.' A politician is calling a senior man of God a liar. A man who will soon become a cardinal. 'Wow!' Now, I have no time for organized religion. (I have plenty of time for God. I love God, man. Not the square, old guy with the beard. I mean, the universal spirit.) But this is too much! It should be quite clear to anyone that Cameron is on an immoral mission. It's well known that hundreds of thousands of people are using food banks just to survive, and that many have committed suicide after having their benefits stopped. Meanwhile, there are big companies (like my mobile dongle internet thing company who couldn't organize a phone signal in a brewery) that don't pay any tax or at least avoid paying a large slice of the tax they should be paying. What's going on?!

Dear oh dear. / I, er ... Here's a good question: Has David Cameron ever met a poor person in his life? I am willing to believe he sees poor people from his car window as he is driven to functions where he sits on a golden throne. 'Ha!' (Do you remember that?) But has he actually met one in the flesh, and had a conversation with him or her about their situation? 'I doubt it.' Is he the prime minister only for the rich, or the whole country? 'The rich. / Do I win a prize, Mikey?' No. Shut up, Voice. / The funny thing is, I used to think that I couldn't stand Labour and Gordon Brown. 'They were bad, boss.' I used to think they were a disgrace. 'Yeah.' But the Conservatives and David Cameron have given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the word "disgrace".

Man, let's hope, and pray, that there's a heaven. And a hell. Atheism makes life unbearable as far as I'm concerned.

Christ! I don't even want to write about this stuff. I hate it. Every time I write about politics I feel dirty and degraded afterwards. 'Worse than finance?!' Oh, much worse. However, I feel it's my duty to tell the truth to my readers about this society. 'You have to share your wisdom.' Of course I do!