Monday, 2 June 2014

Darkcoin is doing better than Peercoin! / Watch out for Mikeycoin!

Yeah, with a big surge. 82 per cent! Guy Bentley has all the details. / I don't understand these cryptocurrencies, I really don't. However, I understand that there is money to be made, literally, so ... I'm seriously considering starting up Mikeycoin. 'Mikeycoin?! That's brilliant, boss!' Yeah, Voice, I'm a genius! How do I think of this shit? Well, I'm a genius ...

As I say, I have no absolutely no understanding of how these cryptocurrencies work. If I go ahead with Mikeycoin, I'll just have to play it by ear. / What I'll probably do is design a coin on Microsoft Paint and make copies of it. Say five million copies. Then I'll sell them by email. 'For how much?' A thousand pounds each. The buyer would send me the money through PayPal, and then I would email him or her a nice little picture of a Mikeycoin. Well, it would be a Mikeycoin, in digital form, wouldn't it? 'I don't know, boss.' And to stop fraud, each coin would be numbered, one to five million. 'That's not bad, man.' Oh yeah! Why didn't I think of this before?! This could be the end of all my troubles!


Anyway, lunch. Er, I haven't been to the shop yet, so your guess is as good as mine. Probably a cheese sandwich.

I'm listening to In Utero by Nirvana. I'm surprised how good it is, maybe better than Nevermind. / I thought it was supposed to be a "difficult" album. There's nothing difficult about it, man. Maybe the people who think it's "difficult" are "simple".

Anything else? I'm not even awake yet, dear reader(s). It's Monday morning. Give me a chance.

Oh ... / I don't know if I can afford Cornwall this year. The prices keep going up. Don't they realize we're suffering austerity? The prices should be going down, man. Some bed and breakfast I used to stay at has started charging £7 for breakfast. And more for a room! / And the shops are something else. In London, if a can of Coke is 70p, it's £1.20 in St Ives. Why?!

I'll give the slags Mikeycoins. See how they like that.