Thursday, 10 July 2014

A million ordinary, decent, hardworking people are on strike today

And David Cameron doesn't like it! Strange guy, eh? I thought it was the shirkers he didn't like. Now, it's hardworking people he's got it in for. 'No, boss, Dave doesn't like anyone who didn't go to Eton.' Oh, thanks, Voice. Thanks for clarifying.

Our Dave is on strike nearly every other day though. That's what's so funny. But he calls it "chillaxing". Ah, the strikers have missed a trick. If a million public-sector workers were chillaxing today, there wouldn't be a problem. / And on the days that Dave does do a bit of work, what does he do, exactly? Well, he talks, and he talks, and he talks ... and then he talks some more. Nice work if you can get it!

At least they have jobs, the strikers. The unemployed and the sick can't go on strike, can they? And they get most of the abuse from the government because ... none of them went to St Paul's, maybe. Er ... / It's certainly a problem. / Somehow - I don't know how, dear reader(s) - we're going to have to get more kids going through Eton and St Paul's and Harrow. Millions of them! Then maybe Dave and Gideon and the rest of the foul crew will shut up for five minutes.


And this is why I want to be rich. To be free of these slags. I didn't go to no posh school or nothing, but I still think it's possible. / I've got to get away, far away. 'To Malibu, boss?' Why not, Voice? All the stars live in Malibu. I'm gonna be a star, so Malibu is good.

You've got to have a dream ...