Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Establishment is scared

[A post for my common, downtrodden readers - if there are any.]

Yes, the Establishment is scared. Which is the best and most entertaining thing to come out of the referendum. Normally, it's the little people who are scared - the ones who are unemployed, have had their benefits sanctioned, are on Workfare, who use food banks. Or it's the ones who are disabled or ill, or just poor, or just unlucky enough not to have been born into an upper-class family. The usual victims, as it were. But the times they have a-changed (for a while). Now it's Oxbridge-educated politicians who are scared, and bankers, big business goons, Old Etonians, Bullingdon Club boys, aristocrats, castle owners in Scotland, army generals, media barons ... / And I'm loving every minute of it! The Scottish "Yes" people are teaching us something. They're teaching us that we don't have to take shit forever. Even if they lose today/tomorrow, it's a lesson we should remember.


Well, that's it for this week. I'm gonna play my guitar now. (I might do some recording on Sunday.) You see, all I've got is three chords and the TRUTH, man!

Tune in next week for all the exciting financial news! Money is the way ... where money makes no sense at all.