Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Why Daniel Ben-Ami can't understand Russell Brand

There is something profoundly disturbing about Fundweb's Daniel Ben-Ami's reaction to Russell Brand's rants. 'It's so predictable for one thing, Mikey.' Yes, Voice. / Brand is talking gibberish for a reason: to annoy people like Daniel Ben-Ami and the people they represent, the 1 per cent. 'Oh, those 1 per cent bastards! I hate them, boss.' We all do, son. / Now, I presume our Danny is from a nice upper middle-class family. 'Of course he is!' Well, it means he can't understand Brand, and he can't understand the struggle to find money for food and rent ... he can't understand much in the lives of ordinary people. 'He should get out more!' Yeah. See how the other 99 per cent live.

Gibberish? Let me tell you, dear reader(s), Russell Brand doesn't need to make sense. 'Which is just as well.' He just needs to keep going. The more that witless conservatives and ultra-capitalists attack him, the more famous he becomes. Then the sort of people who admire Brand - those who wouldn't normally take an interest in politics - start to think a bit about the world they're living in. Maybe they ask themselves why they're taking shit from Old Etonian aristocrats in government while the rich keep getting richer. Maybe they decide to vote in a different way, or register to vote for the first time, or not vote at all and take some other kind of action. Personally, I'm all for becoming one with God and getting off the planet.

Russell Brand is a professional troublemaker and a brilliant comedian. I hope he has many fruitful years ahead of him. 'So do I, Mikey!' That makes two of us, man.


Lunch? Egg sandwich. After lunch? Another conceptual, No. 263. You say you want a revolution. I'm going to give it to you.

Music? I haven't put anything on yet. / Saturday, I was listening to Cream for most of the day, then I found out that Jack Bruce had died. 'Spooky!' Yeah.

Guitar? Well, I'm still rockin' in the free world, if that's what you want to know. / I reckon I'll try recording my songs again at the weekend. It's getting better, man. 'What is?' My playing, Voice.