Thursday, 8 January 2015

Why was Rayhan Qadar sacked for telling a joke?

A joke! Can you be sacked for telling a joke? Is Mr Qadar's ex-employer having a laugh? 'Someone should sack them, Mikey. Who are they?' Hargreaves Lansdown, Voice. The firm sacked Ray for joking about knocking a cyclist over. 'Sounds serious.' Yeah, he didn't actually do it though. It was a joke, on Twitter. 'Twitter?! You can't joke on Twitter, man.' Why not? 'Twitter isn't the place for jokes. It's where people get all their news these days. You don't want to confuse these poor souls with jokes.' I suppose not. / What a world we're living in, eh? Stop the world, I want to get off!

I'm not sure what job Ray did at Hargreaves Lansdown. He was probably in a junior position. The Daily Mail called him a "stockbroker". But - 'Ha! That doesn't mean anything, boss. What does the Daily Mail know about finance?' Exactly. Nothing. Ray could have been doing the post for all we know. Changing light bulbs and shit.


Anything else? Well ... Amazon are going to be delivering my new microphone today. I'm excited! 'Excited over a new microphone? You should get a life, Mikey.' Shut it! This is important. I'm very close to finishing my demo. I can feel it!

Music? I haven't got any music on. I'm watching Sky News for developments in Paris. Shocking stuff. / I'm not too crazy about Kay Burley. Her reporting style, you know? I think she might need sensitivity and empathy training.

Lunch? I've got a luxury egg sandwich from Tesco, £1.70. My second favourite sandwich. / Tesco is making the news as well. It's going to be closing stores. Is that wise? Isn't it an admission of defeat? 'They should rage, rage against the dying of the light.' Maybe.

No. 282? Later. Laters.