Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Russell Brand is all right by me

You got a problem with that, dear reader(s)? I don't think Russell Brand is an idiot, man. And I don't think he's a hypocrite. Oh, he's a self-made millionaire who goes on about the poor all the time. So what? He's done well to make his money and get a bit (a lot) of security for himself. Now he can concentrate on the evils of the world. Is that so terrible? He's not even that rich by hedgie or banker standards. I think he's only worth about £10 million. 'That's nothing, boss!' It's nothing at all, Voice. But Rupert Murdoch (and others) who is worth about £6 billion [? I'll have to check ...] keeps attacking him. Why? Apparently, it's upsetting that poor people should be able to eat or keep a roof over their head. I don't understand it!!! / Actually, The Sun has left Brand alone lately. Maybe because the paper doesn't want to remind its readers of real issues at this sensitive time, the general election. (By the way, I enjoy reading The Sun ... for reasons best known to myself ... however, I ignore the laughable politics. Why would working-class readers be remotely interested in protecting the interests of the 1 per cent? 'Only if they're brainwashed, boss.' Exactly, Voice!) / Er ... yeah, The Guardian has a piece on Brand today. (I'm linking to it even though I absolutely despise the new website.) The comments are interesting. A lot of slaves attacking Brand. 'How do you know they're slaves?' Well, how many billionaires are going to waste their time leaving comments on a newspaper website, man? 'Good point!' Obviously, these people think it is only a matter of time before they join the 1 per cent themselves. Such delusion! And this isn't communism, my attitude. Oh no! I take my hat off to anyone who is able to escape "normal" life and join the ranks of the super-rich. (I think guys like Aristotle Onassis are great.) However, it hardly ever happens, son, daughter. The game is rigged, my friend(s). Capitalism is set up for the few at the top. Occasionally, a footballer or a pop star is allowed to join them. (It's good PR.) Most of the time though, capitalism is just slavery. Pure slavery!

Well, well ... / Russell Brand upsets the rich because like John Lennon before him he's joined the rich (in a small way, only £10 million, remember) but he has refused to keep his mouth shut about the poor. That's his crime! [I've also noticed that quite a few left-wing journalists have it in for him. Why? Because they are stinking rich through their mummies and daddies. It's money they haven't worked for. It makes all the difference.] Er ... yeah, this is a bit chaotic, this post. I don't care! Deal with it! I'm just writing what comes. It's not the end of the world!


Er ... / Anyway, I've got it out of my system. Yes! / I have a nice cheese sandwich for lunch. Crisps. Small blackcurrant cheesecake. Can of Coke. The Sun! Laters.