Thursday, 23 April 2015

Why is Tesco failing?

I say it's because of austerity, and benefit cuts. As a result, millions of shoppers have moved to cheaper supermarkets or even food banks.

If people ain't got no money, they ain't gonna spend no money, man. However, this is far too intellectual for conservatives to understand. 'Idiots!' They're not protecting capitalism. They are destroying it. 'Shame!' Yeah. What can we do?

The end is nigh. So be it. / I would prefer capitalism to survive and for EVERYONE(!) to profit from it. 'Me too!' But I'm not in charge. Other people think they know better than me. Giants of our time like David Cameron, George Osborne, and Iain Duncan Smith.


Well, well ... / One more week bites the dust. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow? Pub? I don't know.

Oh, by the way, democracy? Do we want it? Yes or No? 'Er ...' If "Yes" it means Labour must be allowed to govern with the help of the SNP - if people decide to vote that way (as looks likely). If "No" the Tories (and Rupert Murdoch) will have to persuade the armed forces to make their move on May 8th. That's the choice.

Personally, I'm in the "Yes" camp.