Monday, 1 August 2016

Olaf Carlson-Wee? [Polychain Capital?]

Who is he? [What is it?] Mr Carlson-Wee, our Olaf, is either a very brave man or a raving lunatic ... 'Which one, boss?!' Time will tell, Voice.

You see, Olaf has just started a hedge fund, Polychain Capital, which will invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Mikeycoin. 'Mikeycoin, Mikey?' That's a joke, man. You haven't forgotten Mikeycoin, surely? 'Well, I've tried to ...'

Anyway, Mr Carlson-Wee will be investing in the tokens themselves, rather than investing in the companies behind the currencies. 'So if these currencies truly are the future ...' Our Olaf and his investors will become very rich. However, I don't think he has any investors yet. 'Oh dear. It sounds high risk.' Maybe. Who knows?


By the way, when Olaf was at Coinbase he got paid in Bitcoin, and he's been living on the stuff for years. 'Ha! Is he crazy?!' Time will tell, Voice. One thing I know for sure: The world needs more visionaries, not less.


Which brings me to my music, my vision. I haven't recorded that song yet. What's more, I haven't got a sense of urgency about it at the moment. My main concern is getting four new songs (well, two tunes and three lyrics) for an improved demo. That's my vision RIGHT NOW, you get me? 'Of course they do!' Ha! / Oh ... this is my last music update, man, believe it or not. 'I don't believe it.' I'm serious. I need to focus.

Other music? What am I listening to? Nothing yet. Hang on. / 'How much longer? Come on, Mikey!' Be patient. / Right. I'm listening to ... just various tracks, man, like twelve inch singles from the Eighties, a compilation. 'Okay. What's this tune?' Small Town Boy by Bronski Beat. The genre of melancholic pop! Other examples: Airport by The Motors, Another Nail in My Heart by Squeeze, and Borderline by Madonna.


Now? Pass the Dutchie - !!! 'This is more like it!' Yeah.