Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Some blockchain privacy thing, I don't know

Well, well ... / Yeah, a PR email all the way from Washington, DC. 'Wow! So exotic, boss. You know so many interesting people.' I don't know anyone, son. They know me.

Or maybe it's from Luxembourg, or France. It's hard to say. I don't even know if it's proper financial news, really. 'Christ! Get a grip!' However, it's blockchain, so ...

LuxTrust and Cambridge Blockchain Announce Privacy-Protecting Identity Platform for Europe

WASHINGTON, DC - May 15, 2017 - LuxTrust S.A., the leading European Trust Services Provider, and Cambridge Blockchain LLC, the Massachusetts-based pioneer in digital identity enterprise software, today announced the development of a new privacy-protecting European identity platform. The platform will offer businesses and consumers a trusted environment to exchange and manage personal data online, in full compliance with strict data privacy rules such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Initial applications cover rapid onboarding and know-your-customer checks for financial service providers, with plans to manage a broad range of personal data sources such as health records and Internet of Things devices.

Oh, financial service providers! Pretty exciting, eh? 'Ain't you got nothing else, boss?' Ha! Only an email from a gold nut claiming that loads of NHS workers have started buying gold. 'Oh, would that be the nurses who are having to visit food banks?' Yeah. They've got spare cash lying around to buy gold bars, according to this nut. / Ah, never mind. Let's do the rest of the blockchain thing ...

"LuxTrust is committed to providing better identities for people and things," said Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust. "Working with Cambridge Blockchain allows us to augment the scope of provided identities, including attributes for new sectors and businesses, and will enable users to share personal data fully respecting the increasingly stringent European regulatory framework. We are very excited to innovate together, filling the gaps in compliance, security and trust needed to accelerate expanding digital, personalized and automated services across Europe and worldwide."

Okay, okay, okay. 'Uh.' What does Matthew Commons say? 'Do you know him?' Ha!

The platform will instill state-of-the-art "privacy by design" principles outlined in the GDPR to provide quick onboarding, attribute, consent management and compliance services for natural persons, legal entities and devices with full transparency and auditability of transactions. Data and privacy policies are established through a single comprehensive system, accessible via user-friendly mobile and web applications.

Er ... that's not our Matthew. Matthew! 'Hang on, boss.' Matthew, mate, where are you? 'Here he is!' Thank God!

"Luxembourg is the ideal place to launch this platform," remarked Matthew Commons, CEO of Cambridge Blockchain. "By combining LuxTrust's current services such as authentication, signature and document management with our innovative blockchain-based enterprise software, our collaboration will deliver the future of digital identity for Europe and beyond."

Nice one, Matthew!


Right. Anything else? Music? I finished that "dream" tune last night. I got the chords for it, and added a new bit of melody - the best bit, by the way. It only took me a minute, and the song is three and a half minutes long. 'It took you longer than that, Mikey. I was watching.' Well, I spent a couple of hours getting the structure right, smart-arse. But that wasn't writing, just messing about. / So, if I get a good lyric for it soon, it could be the fifth song on my demo. 'Ha! How many fucking songs are going to be on this demo, man?' Maybe five now, Voice. Not that it's got anything to do with you.

Later(s), reader(s), crocodile(s).