Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Pantera Capital wants $100 million for a new fund

Pantera ICO Fund LP. That's what they're calling it. 'Nice. And they want $100 million, you say, boss?' Yes, Voice. They've already got $35 million. 'Okay. Who are these people?' Christ! -

Founded in 2013 as the first U.S. Bitcoin investment firm, Pantera Capital is the leading blockchain investment firm and one of the largest institutional owners of bitcoins. Our mission is to act as the catalyst for widespread blockchain adoption and innovation.

Exclusively focused on investing in blockchain technologies, the Pantera team is experienced in both traditional finance and the emergent blockchain technology. Having strong relationships with some of the most promising entrepreneurs and other top investors in the space, Pantera is fulfilling its strategic investment philosophy by building a diversified portfolio and bringing industry-specific value-add resources to its portfolio companies.

You see? Digital currencies, Voice. They love 'em! They can't get enough. 'It seems not. They're clearly obsessed.' Oh yeah. Big time. 'And, uh ... will they be investing in Mikeycoin?' Er ... probably not. 'Ha!' Shut up!

By the way, dear reader(s), kook(s), the founder and CEO of Pantera is Dan Morehead, so ... 'Who the hell is Dan Morehead?!' Well, maybe he's ... Dan Morehead, yeah? Just a wild guess, man. 'Okay, okay. But what does Bloomberg say about him?' Oh, Christ! -

This person is connected to 1 Board Members in 1 different organizations across 1 different industries.

FFS! Are you happy now, Voice? 'Happy? Well, I suppose it's better than - This person is connected to 0 Board Members in 0 different organizations across 0 different industries. I mean, that's what we normally get from those Bloomberg freaks, ain't it?' Yeah, yeah. Leave it, son. Just leave it.


Anything else? Well, summer's back. And the living is easy. 'Yippee!' But I don't like the hot weather. 'Oh.' I thought we were going to get some snow, you know? I'm gutted now. 'Cheer up, Mikey! It'll soon be winter.' I can't wait!

Music? Jesus H. - ! I don't write about music no more, dear reader(s), because - as you know - this is a goddamn finance blog. 'How many times do you have to explain it to these people?!' HOWEVER ... I will be playing my guitar today and trying to get two new tunes. I only need two for an album. 'Use some old ones.' I don't like the old ones, Voice. I want new ones! / No! I've changed my mind. I'm going to do a conceptual today, No. 527.

Anyway, laters. If you're one of the Aviva Investors mob, enjoy your ice cream ...