Tuesday, 20 October 2009

HomePals Investment Club LLC: double your money every ninety days!

What? No, not really. But we can dream.

So can the investors who put their money into HomePals Investment Club. The SEC has charged Ronnie Eugene Bass Jr, Abner Alabre, and Brian J. Taglieri with conducting a Ponzi scheme. The people who invested were Haitian-Americans, so we can expect some voodoo reprisals. The SEC says: 'Bass presented himself as a master trader of stock options and commodities, when in reality he was a master of deceit.'

O Master, a master of deceit!

Yes, my child, a master of deceit. Not a master of reality, like me.

No, not a master of reality, like you.

I have mastered reality. I am the lord of reality. I am the money king. I can do anything.

Fuckin' A!