Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lloyds Banking Group casts hundreds of brokers into the pit

Lloyds has taken hundreds of corrupt mortgage brokers, fraudsters, roughed them up, stolen their futures, and thrown them into the pit. There they will suffer.

But I will not rejoice at the brokers' misfortune, even though they brought it on themselves. It could happen to any one of us. We wouldn't have to be brokers. The whole world is corrupt. We could be monks on a holiday.

We could be liars, thieves. We know what we are. We can wash feet. It will not make us holy. The prostitute and the crook are more honest. They do not hide their shame. Our sins eat away at us, at night. We sleep in filth.

Try to beat me, superficial scum. You have no soul. I am Jesus when I want to be. I am Satan when I have to be. You can't reach that high. You can't dive that low. Laugh at this. The joke's on you. I am possessed. The voices are real.

Lloyds Banking Group, whom can it judge? What a comedy! Just because you have the power to throw the weak into a pit, it doesn't mean you're clean, beyond reproach. High and low, oh, thoughts, words. There is reality to it.

Laugh at this. You're damning yourself, killing yourself. Loving it, for now, in shit. But I can't get you out. And God isn't interested. Any dolphin has a better chance. I'd put money on any owl. What are you gonna think, later? What are you gonna write?

So let's not feel sorry for the corrupt mortgage brokers. Let's feel sorry for the entire human race. I think we should go the whole hog. One great, big, sick pig waiting to get slaughtered. They can have dinner in hell. Look at Charlie Manson, with an apple in his hand!

I'll have the apple. I'm a vegetarian. I'm a man of peace.