Saturday, 15 October 2011

Wake up, Mr Fowke, you still have work to do

I've just discovered a blog which is a few years older than this one, and which is very close to being a work of literature. Fortunately - for me - the author has made a couple of tragic mistakes. Firstly, he has published a novel based on the blog. That, I'm afraid, invalidates his blog: it's not a work of literature but merely notes for a novel. Secondly, the author continually introduces non-literary elements that ruin the effect his best writing creates. This is something I do occasionally (like stupid fucking film reviews) and I've got to stop doing it. And I will.

Also, the quality of his best posts is nowhere near the quality of my best, and he seems quite conventional in his literary technique and subject matter. One more thing: he writes about other authors far too much. A lot of his posts are really critical essays with literary touches.

So, a bit of a shock then; but not a disaster. I'll still be able to sleep nights knowing that I don't have a serious rival who started before me.

[I won't change the title. I like it.]