Monday, 4 May 2015

What is this "Edstone" nonsense?!

THIS!!! It's like Spinal Tap, for Christ's sake! Or The Thick of It. As soon as I saw Labour's eight foot high stone tablet yesterday with bland pledges carved into it, I immediately had a vision of Malcolm Tucker running around and screaming: Jesus Christ almighty! What fucking wanker signed off on this?!

Having said that, I suppose it gets everyone (I mean the media) focusing on Labour and not on the SNP. / It's still stupid though.

Well, well ... well! / What am I going to do this Thursday? Oh, I haven't decided yet, dear reader(s). I'm either NOT(!) going to vote, or ... I'm going to vote Labour. 'Yeah?!' Yeah. / Here. Where I live, there is a possibility of Labour getting in and the Tories being pushed out. So it won't be a wasted vote in a safe seat. 'Yeah, but -' Hopefully, Labour will be forced to govern with the SNP. 'Yeah, but, but -' Shut up, you idiot! / Where am I? However, er ... if the Tories win, it will be every man and woman and child and dog and cat for themselves. 'Oh dear.' Mohican haircuts, black leather, mayhem on the motorways, the works! 'That's great! It'll be the making of you. Mad Mikey, boss!' Ha! Bring it on, Voice! I'll take my chances.


And ... in related news, Russell Brand has told everyone to vote for Labour. 'Yippee! The revolution is postponed! You say you want a, er, you can count me out!' Calm down! / Like me, I doubt Brand has any great love for the Labour Party, but the alternative is the Conservatives. 'Ugh.' THEY MUST BE STOPPED! Come on, reader(s)! I understand the attraction if you're a banker or a hedgie, but think of civilization, please! I beg you!!! PLEASE! 'That's enough, Mikey! Calm down, son.' All right, man. All right. / Where(?) ... I am here. Oh, I don't care. I've got a leather jacket. And I'm tough. There shouldn't be a problem.


Anyone know where I can pick up a cheap V8 Interceptor? Just one deranged owner will be fine.