The subject is only the starting point.

If you write about anything, absolutely anything, with the right vision and the right degree of emotional intensity, it should be possible to reach a higher literature that has NO SUBJECT MATTER. You must transcend language and meaning. The subject is not important. Vision is important. Emotional intensity is important.


There are countless blogs with literary elements; but literary elements are not enough.

Money is the way is a work of literature with non-literary elements. The non-literary elements of  the work can and should be ignored.


The em dash/en dash/hyphen situation? Well, I use the hyphen for everything. I live by my own rules.


I could be wrong about the non-literary elements. They might be literature after all. If a quote from Rimbaud or Mallarme can be considered a literary part of one of my literary posts, why can't a quote from the SEC or a list of banker's names?


The financial news is my structure.


18/04/2012 - The repeating phrases and paragraphs of my new conceptual literature capture the chaos, despair, and insanity (inner and outer) just the way I have always wanted. And the bonus? I’m making the personal impersonal. Drinks all round!

15/08/2012 - Attaining transcendence, the higher literature/reality, where I (and the reader) can be free is what it's all about now.

27/08/2012 - I've just become aware of Gertrude Stein's use of repetition. / I'm not sure I should be too worried about it. Her use of it doesn't seem as conceptual as my use of it. Her use was more of a style, than a concept. And her repetitions weren't exact repetitions, most of the time. They were repetitions with a variation. Of course, she was trying for the same hypnotic effect. There are some important differences though. She was writing novels, and trying to compete with James Joyce. I am writing a blog on the internet. I am creating a new form for the twenty-first century, the internet age. Also, Stein didn't attempt to transcend her subject matter. (And I'm not sure any writer ever has.) But that's what I am doing. By using exact repetitions and asking/expecting the reader to get faster and faster and go beyond the three paragraphs of each post, I am offering the reader (potential) access to a higher reality/literature which is basically shamanic. And that's the concept. / Now, the challenge for me is to achieve greater vision and greater emotional intensity, and to write greater phrases that will satisfy me (and the reader, I suppose).

09/10/2018 - I've started using repetitions with a variation in the second parts of my new double conceptuals to show the destruction of words as we prepare to go beyond the THREE.