Thursday, 8 March 2007

Scarecrow World

Scarecrow World PLC made the shock announcement yesterday that it would be moving production to China. CEO Bobby Straw said that it was a tough decision to make, but that it was absolutely necessary for the future survival of the company.

Workers at the factory in Somerset were clearly angry, and they questioned the reason for the move. There is a rumour going around that a significant number of scarecrows are coming alive at night and running amok in the factory, and that this is giving shareholders the jitters. When confronted with the rumour Mr Straw dismissed it as hysterical nonsense and said that production was moving to China solely to keep costs down.

Analysts say Scarecrow World is certainly a company to watch. 'Farmers don't really make their own scarecrows these days. More and more they are coming to rely on manufacturers such as Scarecrow World, and this company is the biggest player in the market right now,' said Susan Flint from Bad Moon Investments.