Tuesday, 1 December 2009

FSA recruits panthers!!!

The wild eyes of panthers in the skins of men!Arthur Rimbaud

Oh my God! What the fuck is this shit?! No one told me about this. No one asked my permission. These FSA motherfuckers are out of control! They can't just let astral panthers - I presume we're talking astral panthers here, in the skins of 'established' business folk - go prowling around the City, biting lumps out of people. Because that's what will happen. You mark my words. I've written in this blog about astral tygers burning bright, but the panthers are just as bad. For fuck's sake!

Anyway, who are these panther slags? Well, we've got: Dominic Cadbury, Sarah Hogg, Colin Marshall, Brian Pitman and David Scholey.

Oh my God! I can't believe this. Someone wake me up and tell me it's a fucking nightmare.