Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tracy Postert has got a job at John Thomas Financial!

Oh, wonderful! Congratulations to Tracy Postert! This just shows what you can achieve if you have the right attitude. One minute you can be a mad hippie living in a tent with a bunch of bums, the next minute you can be a junior analyst at a Wall Street bank. Only in America!

Well, maybe in England, too. Maybe. / I'm going to dress up like a disgusting freak one of these days and march around the City of London, really aggressively, shouting: 'Give me a fucking job, you capitalist scumbags, or I'll burn your offices down with all of you inside!' Then I'll hand out copies of my CV with bogeys stuck to them. (I won't care. It's what the greedy bankers deserve.) I'll have a "Let's get rid of Thatcher" placard because she's still the prime minister, ain't she? But on the reverse side it will say something like, er – "Please, please, please, give me a job, please, I want to be your slave. I've got bills to pay, after all." Yes, really submissive. Yes! I'm sure some mug will be impressed with that. I reckon I could end up as chief executive of Barclays. Forget Bobby D! I'm the better man.